Septic Cost-Share

The BC Soil & Water + Lake Monroe Water Fund Septic Cost-Share Program is a financial assistance program that provides funding to Brown County landowners in the Lake Monroe Watershed to help cover the cost of repairing or upgrading their septic systems. Septic systems are a common method of wastewater treatment in rural Brown County where centralized sewage systems are not available.

This Septic Cost-Share Program is made possible by a $10,000 grant provided by Lake Monroe Water Fund. The program is administered by our Soil & Water Office. 

The goal of this Septic Cost-Share Program is to improve water quality and protect public health by encouraging property owners to maintain or upgrade their septic systems. Failing or outdated septic systems can contaminate groundwater and surface water, potentially posing a risk to public health and the environment. By providing financial assistance, our office can help ensure that Brown County septic systems are properly maintained and functioning effectively.

Check to see if you live in the Lake Monroe Watershed here:

Find a BC Health Department certified, licensed contractor here: 

If you have qualifying septic work done anytime during 2023,
please bring your dated and paid receipt to the Brown County Soil and Water Office for up to $200 back! 

*While funds last.